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Ray Abell's Fall Harvest

November 11, 2010

This year I was very lucky to be invited down to Ray Abell of Nishikoi of Niigata mud pond harvest by my friend Randall Clarke. Randall ownes Clarke Koi Ponds in Toronto has has attended this harvest over 5 times. Each fall Ray harvests these koi out of large mud ponds. The growth of these fish in the mud pond is spectacular with up to a foot of grown in one season.


He has 3 mud pond holds about 500,000 gallons of water and measure over 130 feet long 40 foot long and 10 foot deep.

Im glad I was able to make it down to this event.  Ray sells some of the most beautiful koi in all the United States. For more information about Nishikoi of Niigata visit www.nishikigoiofniigata.com

2010 Kohaku

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